2013 Ford C Max Hybrid Sel

2013 ford c max hybrid sel
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2013 Ford C Max Hybrid Sel 

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Source: AutoGuide.com

45 mpg, 188 horsepower, 99.7 cubic feet passenger room, and $25.995. The Ford C-MAX is superior to the Toyota Prius in almost all measurable ways.

Ford is not ashamed to announce that the Toyota hybrid is on its way, even though C-MAX’s name is not well-known.

Ford’s only hybrid-powered car, the Ford C-MAX until the new Fusion hybrid comes. The hybrid we are testing today will come with a plug-in hybrid, which has the same powertrain but a larger battery pack to allow for longer electric-only driving. C-MAX’s target market is the family-friendly market. It will be surrounded by small minivans, hatchbacks, wagons, and hatchbacks. Original plans called for a seven-passenger model with gas only that would be available in North America. The third row was dropped to make room for the battery-pack and to maximize space for the other five passengers.


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