Abandoned Wizard Of Oz Theme Park

Abandoned Wizard Of Oz Theme Park

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The abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park 

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abandoned wizard of oz theme park

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It seems that there is something over the rainbow. The Land of Oz, an abandoned amusement park dedicated to The Wizard of Oz, is located in Beech Mountain, NC. The yellow brick road that once surrounded the Emerald City was gradually lost to nature as the park’s walls became jaundiced. The park’s decaying interior and any hint of magic disappeared, making it appear more like the Wicked Witch’s latest real-estate acquisition than a magical realm that exists in the mind a rural Kansas teenager. It was simply creepy.

Land of Oz was one of the most terrifying theme parks in the entire world. You couldn’t escape it by clicking your ruby slippers together. Even though the park has been partially restored, its dark history creates a sense of mystery. This once happy park that attracted thousands of tourists was now a haunted place. You may need to be strong to get in the park’s main gates. But every year thousands flock to the parks to enjoy the attractions.

These Land of Oz facts will make you think, “There’s no home like home!” Is it worth the risk to venture inside?

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