Canon 17 40 Vs 16 35

canon 17 40 vs 16 35
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Source: First Man Photography

To see if it is worth it, we compare the Canon 16 35mm F/4 IS with the Canon 17-40mm F/4 in landscape photography to determine if the upgrade was worthwhile.

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A recent video suggested that I get the Canon 16/35mm to replace my 17-40mm. So I did. But I’ve been talking recently how the gear doesn’t make the photographer so I’m not totally convinced this purchase was required. I decided to test it, maybe prove my wrong, and offer some advice to help you make your next lens purchase decision.


When shooting landscape photography, there are some things that I consider important. Sharpness is important, but only to a certain extent. Once I have achieved an acceptable level, then I’m happy. The majority of photographs are seen from a reasonable distance. A normal viewer will not be able to focus on the details or pixel peeping the image. The story is more important than the individual details.

Lens Distortion

Distortion can be a problem when working with very wide angles such as 16-20mm. It is also distracting and common in lenses cheaper than Canon. Canon 17-40mm does a good job of correcting distortion so I was interested in Canon 16-35mm IS F/4 IS.

Chromatic Aberration

High-contrast areas can look very unattractive and make images look cheap. A high-quality lens can be controlled to prevent chromatic aberration. It can be controlled post-processing, but the results can vary depending on the image. The Canon 17-40mm is susceptible to chromatic aberration. However, the 16-35mm may improve matters.

Camera lens reviews include a review of build quality, extras like IS, and other features. For stills, image stabilisation isn’t important to me. Video stabilisation is more important, so it’s still something I look at.

The video features the two lenses compared at Ribblehead Viaduct in Yorkshire Dales. The Limestone pavement adds a lot of interest to the foreground, which I wanted to include in my lens review.

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