Day In The Life Of A Respiratory Therapist

day in the life of a respiratory therapist
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Source – Cincinnati Children’s

Lauren Lampkin: Lauren Lampkin is a respiratory therapist. “I’m Lauren Lampkin. I’m a registered Respiratory Therapist at Cincinnati Children’s. This is A Day in the Life of a Respiratory Therapy. My primary job is to care for your lungs. This is a great career to develop in. You can begin with a 2-year diploma or a 4-year program. However, you can see and work in a variety of disciplines. It is a great way to advocate for patients and see them get ready for home. Your patients and their families may be overwhelmed or unsure. Sometimes they need to take a break to regroup and understand all the information you are giving them.

Justin Meyer, a respiratory therapist: My name is Justin Meyer. I am a Respiratory Therapist in an Emergency Department. Many people believe that we only provide breathing treatment, but we can do so much more. Assist in traumas, take care of ventilators and manage airways. We’re able to do some nursing tasks such as Place IVs, draw blood, give fluids, things like that. So, there’s a wide variety of things we actually do here at Children’s. When they come in, they are in distress, upset, or sick. It’s very satisfying to see them happy and make them feel better. You have a job that’s stable, rewarding, and pays well. Plus, you can take care your children. It’s all a win-win for everyone, I believe.

Katie Lovett: “Good morning, my names Katie. Today, I will be your respiratory therapist. We manage the airways of the lungs to ensure they are healthy. That means knowing what the disease process is, cleaning out any secretions, managing the ventilators that make it possible for the patient to breathe, being able to examine blood gases, and telling the doctors if we need to adjust some settings. We are responsible for what we do to keep the lungs healthy. My favorite thing about my job, for me, is watching a patient who is seriously ill and on ECMO. We’re breathing for them on the vent and watching them be able to walk out of the ICU. It’s amazing to watch these seriously ill patients get better. It makes me want come to work every day to help these patients get better.

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