Four Eyes Four Eyes You Need Glasses To See

Four Eyes Four Eyes You Need Glasses To See

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What is 4 eyes? You will need glasses to see the content

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four eyes four eyes you need glasses to see

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Emma, a 10-year-old girl from another planet is popular and attractive. Her less-than-stellar grade results in her having to repeat fifth grade. Her parents, who are upper-crust, become aware of her poor performance, and she is sent to boarding school.
School on Earth “to learn how the other half lives.”

Emma takes on the human form to make it seem like she is not being held back by a grade. A fifth grade human. Emma is not happy with the situation. But she soon discovers two of her most important human traits are not immediately accepted by kids. She is first, homely. Second, she wears glasses. These two things combined make her time on this planet more miserable.

Emma’s demeanor and looks attract constant taunts of “geek,” “dweeb”, “nerd”, but particularly “four eyes.” She is furious about this. “What’s wrong in having four eyes? Are they not aware of my parents? They don’t realize that I could purchase this entire stinking planet and turn it into a Kosmic Kwikee Mart . Emma is not a bravurado child. She is just an ordinary kid who easily gets stung in the jeers of her classmates.

Emma’s exterior appearance brings her into the company of Pete and Skyler, who are equally geeky. They understand her frustration with their treatment but they don’t get her reaction. Skyler says it concisely, but philosophically, “Genetically speaking it’s the way it is supposed to be.” We are teased, then we become adults, and get jobs in the banking sector.

Skyler and Pete eventually discover that Emma isn’t at all like them. They comment that Emma has four eyes. She then takes off her glasses and transforms into an alien. Emma now has two trusted friends who can help her cope with the human world, as she attempts to get home from fifth grade.

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