Green Hill Paradise Act 2 Download

green hill paradise act 2 download
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Source: SuperSonic68

Although it has been a difficult and long journey, we are proud to present a unique Sonic the Hedgehog experience we hope you all will enjoy.

Green Hill Paradise was the result of a simple question. This question has almost torn the Sonic the Hedgehog Community apart:

Can a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed game be created in such a way that it provides a rich, robust experience in a fully 3-D environment and still stays true to its platforming roots while remaining faithful?

This question will not be answered by a detailed analysis video or a lengthy forum thread, but rather through a fully playable game. After 10 months of research, development, and testing, we are confident that Sonic can exist in 3D. In fact, he can even thrive in it. GHP’s vast environment, winding paths and dynamic physics give players the freedom to decide where and how to go. Only the laws of physics, and the player’s skill, are the only limits.

There are no Spline paths.
No Boostpads
No scripted cameras.
There is no Boost Button.

Gotta Go Fast?
Earn it.

This is Green Hill Paradise reborn.


You are now done waiting. Now you can download the game! Before you start downloading and extracting the game, please make sure you have read the User Manual.
I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this huge undertaking. I hope you enjoy Green Hill Paradise Act 2.




Daniel Coyle (SuperSonic68)
Chris Deliz (TheActualKK).
Tim Taylor
The Great Lange
Javier Osset (Xaklse)
Tee Lopes
Cleffer Notes
Seumidh McDonald (ShayMay).
Sonic Retro
Sonic Fangames HQ
My family (especially Sean)
Kris Wilson
The people at /sthg

Trailer Music:
Guilty gear Xrd Starry Story


UPDATE: Everyone, I am sorry about the URL change! I noticed a typo in the trailer so I decided to reupload it. Enjoy the project!

UPDATE #2: Since a few people record their playthroughs, I thought it prudent that I share the high-resolution logo to you all in order to make your own video thumbnails easier to create.

You can now download the updated SAGE edition “Final Mix”! You’ll find a slew of bug fixes, updated features, and layout modifications! Enjoy!

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