Heat And Bond Ultra Hold Instructions

Heat And Bond Ultra Hold Instructions

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Instructions to heat and bond ultra hold 

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heat and bond ultra hold instructions

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HeatnBond 101 Tutorial – HeatnBond Extreme Hold Fusible Adhesive

This is a video showing you how to use HeatnBond Ultrahold Fusible Attachive.

HeatnBond® Ultrahold is a roll of paper backed, iron-on, No Sew, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabric without the need for pinning. Ultrahold’s no-sew bond is stronger than traditional fusible webs. The solid sheet adhesive means edge to edge coverage for appliqué shapes on quilts, wall hangings, and attire without puckering or bunching. Draw or print directly on the paper backing to easily design appliqué pieces!

Features & Benefits:

17 in x 5yds (43cm x 4.6m)
Heating activated
Double-sided adhesive
Solid sheet adhesive with a paper backing
It can be used on fabric but can also be used with foil, lame and felt.
There is no need to sew!
Made in America!
All materials that you will use before fusing should be washed thoroughly (without fabric softener). Before you fuse, make sure to test adhesive.
Don’t iron directly on the adhesive sheet. Iron only to the ironing board.
HeatnBond® Ultrahold sheets can be run thru an INKJET printer (NOT a laser jet or copy machine). Cut to the size of the printer, feed onto the printer to print on one side. To ensure that the lettering is in the correct orientation for cutting from the fabric, use mirror setting.
Machine wash cold. Dry on low heat, or no heat. After fusing, avoid ironing the area repeatedly or excessively.

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