How Do You Powder Coat A Yeti Tumbler

how do you powder coat a yeti tumbler
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How do you powder coat yeti tumblers?

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The video below shows you how to powder coat a Yeti tumbler.


[img src=”” link_to_img=”no”]

Source: Eastwood Company

Scott shows us how to powder coat stainless insulated cups using Eastwood Products.

Buy a Powder Gun

Powder Accessories

Powder coating is a cost-effective, long-lasting, and durable finish that can be applied to any surface. The Eastwood HotCoat powder coat system makes this process as simple as possible. You can create surfaces that are more resistant than other finishes to scratches, chipping, and wear. The color choices are virtually endless, with clear, high-gloss, metallic, as well as clear options.

Our UV-resistant powdercoat kits’ colors stay vibrant and brighter longer. We also have powder coating supplies that include silicone plugs, hanging hooks and spray booths.

Dual-Voltage HotCoat powder-coating gun provides maximum coverage for small to large areas.

It is extremely durable
In less than an hour, you can coat and cure!
Simple to apply
Quick color changes
Two settings for versatility
Low 15,000-volt setting
Multi-coat coverage on larger areas with high voltage at 25,000 volts
Powder adhesion is increased
Minimal overspray
This system allows you to powder coat small parts rather than coating them with paint. Dual Voltage technology allows you to coat small areas by using the Low 15kv setting. You can also use the High voltage setting of 25kv to coat large areas. You will need a compressed air source (5-10 PSI, from a portable tank equipped with a regulator and a compressor), as well as an electric oven (or toaster oven).

For more information on Eastwood products, visit the site or get in touch with our team via:
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Eastwood offers everything you need when you are restoring a car or truck, from paint to welders to everything in between.

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