How To Build A Car Lift

how to build a car lift
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How do you build a carlift?

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The video below will show you how to build a carlift.


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Source: Viny B

Here’s my DIY carjack. It works great and was completed a year ago.
Website for purchasing plans for other projects
Because I have many questions about the reducer, I am going to post a similiar reducer.

Trust bearing is used:

Bearing 3/4 I Used for the location of the screw:

Bearing 1/2 I was used to connect the shafts between the 2 reducers.


PDF INSTRUCTIONS To open the pdf, do not use a browser. Adobe acrobat reader must be installed in order to open this pdf. After opening the pdf, you might see a white sheet. To render the image, click on the page. A yellow bar might appear at the top that indicates you need to enable 3d rendering. Simply enable it and you’ll be good to go.

Homero Gonzalez thanks for the instructions

To see more information on the gear box, pause at 5 minutes 26 in this video and you’ll see a name plate

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