How To Check A Pressure Switch

How To Check A Pressure Switch

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how to check a pressure switch

Source: Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning

Hey HVAC technicians! Today we’re going to talk about How to Diagnose a Bad Furnace Pressure Switch. I want to continue our gas furnace troubleshooting series and go into every part of the furnace’s operation. In this video, You’ll learn what the pressure switch does and why it’s important. And towards the end of the video, I’m going to give you 5 easy things to check when you’re troubleshooting a furnace pressure switch. That’s coming up here on Fox Family Heating & Air.

How to troubleshoot a furnace pressure sensor

Let’s suppose that the inducer motor works properly. But the pressure switch doesn’t seem to be closing. Your meter can be used to trace the 24 V coming from the controlboard, through the safety devices, and onto the pressure switch. Place one lead on the ground, or attach it to a piece solid of metal. Place one lead on ground or a solid piece of metal attached to the furnace. If 24 volts are present at the switch’s incoming terminal but not at its terminal leaving it, the pressure switch may not have closed.

Remember, the pressure switch doesn’t close until the inducer motor comes on and provides the necessary suction for the pressure switch to close. You will see the required suction on your pressure switch.

Not closing the pressure switch

When we’re troubleshooting a furnace pressure switch, we can do a few things. Our manometer can be used to verify that the inducer motor is creating vacuum. The meter’s hose can then be connected directly to the collection chamber. Remove the pressure switch hose and connect your manometer’s cable to the same port.

Once the system is started, you can put the hose on. After that, the inducer turns on. As the induced draft begins to rise, the manometer should read it. This number must be greater than that on the pressure switch.

These are 5 simple things to do

The following are the most frequent reasons I have seen pressure switches not closing to allow the rest the system to fire up.

1. Clogged port at the collection chamber to pressure switch
2. A blockage in the flue
3. A diaphragm that’s ruptured or stuck
4. The pressure switch hose has been damaged
5. The water is in the pressure switch hose

Installation of a furnace pressure switch

When installing a pressure switch, make sure that it is in the right position. You took out the pressure switch in a vertical location. If gravity forces them to activate their diaphragms, they won’t work as well.

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00:00 Introduction
0:43 This is the sequence of operations for a furnace
1:21 First, the inducer motor starts
1:58 How the furnace pressure switch works
3:09 How can you troubleshoot an furnace pressure switch
5:05 5 Things to Check on Your Furnace Pressure Switch
8:55 Installing a furnace Pressure Switch
9:58 Recap

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