How To Clean A Fuel Filter Without Removing It

how to clean a fuel filter without removing it
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What is and how can you clean a fuel tank filter without removing its content?

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The video below shows you how to clean a fuel tank filter.


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Source – Delphi Technologies

Keep your fuel pump in good condition and clean the tank.
Can’t drop the fuel tank to clean it? Delphi Technologies has a quick and easy solution for cleaning your fuel tank with its new fuel tank cleaning tool.

For more information on how to clean your fuel tank, visit the ‘Clean the tank’ product page on our website:

An old fuel tank may have a fuel pump that is too small to be installed. This can lead to premature wear and even complete failure. That’s because dirt, debris, and contamination stuck in the fuel tank can clog the brand new strainer, which was most likely the cause of the previous faulty fuel pump.

It was recommended that the fuel tank be removed and cleaned using a low-suds solution, as shown in the video.

Delphi Technologies Aftermarket has a Fuel Tank Cleaning Kit, FC01 (for your convenience), that includes a low-suds cleaning product specifically designed to clean and treat fuel tanks up to 40 gallons in capacity.

For more information, please visit our online catalog.

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