How To Fix A Broken Car Key

how to fix a broken car key
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How to fix a car that isn’t working?

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The video below shows you how to fix a car key.


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How to repair a car key that is broken in half This common locksmith problem is something we’ve all encountered or will one day. PJ gives step-by-step instructions for how to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Do you remember the first time your car keys were broken in half? Comment below to tell us how often this happens and how you solve it!

00:00 – Intro: How do you fix a car key broken in half?
00:23 – Step 1 – How to fix a car key broken in half
01:19 – Step 2 – How to fix a car key broken in half
01:53 – Step 3 : How to fix a car key broken in half
05:20 – How to fix a car key broken in half: Alternative Situation
06:44- #Lockboss Giving Away

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PJ is a locksmith by trade. He learned it from his father. PJ began his locksmith training when he was 6 years old, learning how to cut a lock. CLK Supplies President PJ shares locksmith tips and videos. He also interviews locksmiths, explains key cutting machines, and gives advice. This is the place to go if you are interested learning more about locksmithing or want to master key cutting machines. Welcome!

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