How To Fix Iphone 5 Charger

how to fix iphone 5 charger
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The video below will show you how to fix your iPhone 5 charger.


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Amazon has your tools!
Here’s an affordable replacement charging port
Here’s the speaker for your iPhone:

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GREAT comment from Mattrules77
Great video man just saved me £230 that apple wanted to replace my phone. Although my phone seemed to be charging, it wouldn’t turn on. However, it turned on after 20 minutes. It had been dead for five days. Anyone have a problem with my microphone? This is something that may not be obvious, but it was something I noticed. The little rubber cover that came with the part I ordered wasn’t on so I had it removed. It doesn’t fit in the right place and won’t function.

This is an easy way to fix a dead iPhone 5 charging port. You can sometimes even repair your phone if your charging port is damaged from water. Be patient and careful. This is a 500-dollar device. You should first check if you have applecare, or are still under warranty.

This video shows you how replace the Headphone Jack, Charging port and Mic for your iPhone five. Please leave any questions in comments if you have them. If you enjoyed this video, please LIKE it! Subscribe!

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