How To Increase Volume On Macbook Air

how to increase volume on macbook air
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How can you increase volume on your macbook’s air content?

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The video below will show you how to increase volume with macbook air.


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MacOS Big Sur: Increase Output Volume [Tutorial]

It’s not a secret that MacBook doesn’t have the best sound system among laptops. The sound quality of YouTube videos can be so poor that I have to place my MacBook on my chest in order to hear them when I’m in noisy environments. Here is what I came up with.

How do you increase the volume of your Mac? There are many ways to increase volume, from DIY equalizers to expensive tools like Boom 3D or its alternatives. You can also use browser plug-ins that increase the sound quality when you are watching YouTube or Netflix in Chrome. Anyone using these tools must be aware that there are potential side effects.

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The MacBook Pro includes the Mac OS X operating software and a pair of stereo speakers. Two primary ways to increase the volume from your MacBook Pro running Mac OS X are the volume keys on the keyboard or the volume settings in System Preferences.

This tutorial is applicable to MacBook Pro, Air, and Mini’s that run the macOS operating system. This tutorial was executed on a macOS Big Sur computer.

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