How To Make A Welder Out Of A Microwave

How To Make A Welder Out Of A Microwave

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Watch the video to learn more about how to make an electric welder from a microwave.


how to make a welder out of a microwave

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You can build an AC arc welding machine using parts you have in your microwave. You can see my completed one in this video.

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The Scariac
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Zinc-oxide fumes can be released from welding galvanized steels. Proper eye protection is recommended. The system is powered by 240 VAC. This power supply is managed by the “Scariac” power controller. It is very similar to a Variac (variable automatic-controller), but with some additional dangers. The Micro-Welder doesn’t have an on-off button and can cause fire hazards if it is plugged into mains power outlets. This was made to be used only with the Scariac. You can find out how to make it in another project. Stick welding or the modification of a Microwave Oven Transformer M.O.T (M.O.T) can be extremely dangerous. You run the risk of UV radiation and shock hazards as well as burns, fires and fumes. Without proper training and supervision, this project should not be undertaken. Injuries can result from misuse, carelessness, or misapplication of tools or projects. This video content can be used at your own risk.

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Project History & More Info:

This video is the final result of 3 other projects videos. These videos will be edited over the next few months and uploaded to YouTube. The videos will show how I modified transformers and how to control the current. They are not yet available, so the annotations say “Coming Soon”.

After a lot of thought and experimentation, this project video is the result. It’s a great tool for the shop.

A few YouTube videos show people making stick welders from a Microwave Oven Transformer. You can even find tutorials on how to make it. My experience was that my MOT welding machine got too hot and melted the insulation, or it simply didn’t have enough power to maintain an arc.

I haven’t yet seen any video or project showing someone welding with one of these “so-called” microwave welders. It’s possible to place a bead onto a piece of steel, but that’s all it has been shown. However, this does not prove that it can weld. However, my earlier attempts at laying a bead were unable to do so because they didn’t have enough heat and penetration to make anything stick. The amperage must also be controlled reliably by a welder. This is not possible for any other project. Dimmer switches were used in one project to control the primary coils. But, they can only handle 600W, while stick welders use upwards of 2000-3,000W. My experience is that the dimmer switches can fail quickly, and in a matter of minutes after trying to weld.

The welder I have in my project works well for me. It works well with 1/16 inch AC rods, and I think the transformer temperatures for welding are very reasonable for what I want to do as an amateur welder.

For more information on how I built this welder you can check out Part 1 or Part 2 of how to make the Microwave Stick Welder.
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