How To Make Whipped Soap Base

how to make whipped soap base
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How do you make whipped soap base?

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The video below will show you how to make whipped soap base.


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You can make a variety of recipes once you make your own soap base. I love how light and fluffy this soap feels. It is like washing with a cloud of goodness. Once you have made the base, store it in a container until your next soapy creation.
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Water Phase
• 3.31 ounce | 45.6% Distilled Water
• 0.64 ounce | 8.8% Vegetable Glycerin
• 0.68 ounce | 9.3% Propylene Glycol
• 0.008 ounce | 0.1% Tetrasodium EDTA
• 1.64 ounce | 22.5% SCI
Oil Phase
• 0.20 ounce | 2.7% Stearic Acid
• 0.32 ounce | 4.4% Fractionated Coconut Oil
• 0.40 ounce | 5.5% Shea Butter
Cool Down
• 0.08 ounce | 1.1% Preservative

Heat safe bowls
Pouring Spout Container:
Temperature Gun
Immersion blender:

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