How To Paint A Metal Bed Frame

How To Paint A Metal Bed Frame

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The video below shows you how to paint a metal frame.


how to paint a metal bed frame

Source: Boldly Rise

I am slowly making progress on our guest bedroom. But I couldn’t resist showing you how I transformed the bed frame that I bought. This metal bed frame was purchased on Facebook for $20-25. Although it’s a light grey, I wanted to make it black. This is how I painted the bed using two different methods (here’s the video:). It’s very budget-friendly and easy to do. If you are just curious about how I painted the bed, or want to see a tutorial on how to make a metal bed frame look like this, keep watching!


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This video contains tools and supplies:
Krylon Primer Satin paint and Krylon Paint
220 Grit Sandpaper is available at most home improvement stores, Walmart and Amazon.
Rustoleum flat black paint: It will be more affordable in-store. The link below is for a larger paint can. (I used a small can.
Canvas sheet/tarp:
Safety mask
Paintbrush: Anything will work


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