How To Press A Vinyl Record

how to press a vinyl record
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The video below shows you how to press a record.


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Source: Doctor Mix

Today, I will show you how to turn your music into vinyl records. Qrates is here:
You can read the blog post with more details and photos!

In this episode:
What is the working principle of vinyl records? – 01:36
How does vinyl pressing work? – 02:52
What is a test presse? – 03:58
What does vinyl press cost? – 04:37
How do I create vinyl record artwork – 05:55
How much music can you fit on a single vinyl record? – 07:47
Difference between 140 & 180 grams? – 09:20
What is the inner sleeve of the sleeve? – 09:50
You might also consider colour vinyl – 10:22
How can I sell vinyl records – 10:51

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