How To Put A Screen Door Back On Track

how to put a screen door back on track
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The video below will show you how to get a screen door back on track.


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Source – SP Screens

Here are Step-by-Step Instructions to help put your sliding screen door back on its tracks.

First of all, you only need a Phillips screwdriver and a ladder. You will also need an extra pair of hands if possible.

* You will need to adjust the top rollers/wheels from being locked in, as you need them to be spring loaded.
* The roller/wheel adjustment will need to be done from the inside view of the sliding security screen door.
* There should be a small hole on the inside of the top frame where the screw needs to be loosened to get the roller/wheel to be in spring form.
* Get your Phillips head screwdriver in this small hole and turn anticlockwise until you can press the roller/wheel down inside the frame and it springs back up again.
* Make sure you do this to the 2 x rollers/wheels on the top frame.
* Before grabbing your extra hands for some help to lift the security door, check the bottom rollers to see if they are locked or spring loaded.
* If they are spring loaded, push them up in the bottom frame as you lift the door and insert the top of the frame inside the top track first.
* If the bottom rollers are locked, this should be ok, as the top rollers/wheels are spring loaded by now.
* Once the top of the frame is back inside the top track, and the bottom rollers/wheels are pushed inside the bottom track, you need to push the bottom frame back on the bottom track and release the bottom rollers.
* Fingers crossed, you should now have the sliding security door back on it’s tracks!!
* Lastly and to finish off, you now just need to adjust the top rollers/wheels in the frame (from the inside) by getting your Phillips head screwdriver and turning clockwise to tighten the rollers/wheels to make them secure.

It can be difficult to put your sliding security door back on its tracks. We hope these instructions and our demonstrations can be of assistance.

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