How To Remove Glued Wood Floors

how to remove glued wood floors
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How do you remove glued wooden floors?

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The video below will show you how to remove glue wood floors.


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Source: Abbotts At Home – DIY

These are the steps and tips I used to remove glued-down engineered hardwood flooring on concrete. There are three ways to remove glue from concrete flooring.
For small jobs I use a prybar with a hammer to remove engineered concrete flooring and glued down wood flooring. Renting a heavy duty floor stripper for multiple rooms or something similar at your local tool rental shop is advisable.

You must first find a starting point. Due to Hurricane Harvey, I had a board that was loose. This room connects to a hallway with a carpeted floor. A board would have made it easy to begin with the carpeted area.

Another way to start in a room is to cut a 1′ x 1′ wide square of flooring with a circular saw. To do this, adjust the depth of your circular saw to be slightly less than the flooring’s. If your flooring is 1/2″ thick, set the saw depth to about 3/8″ deep.

You can then cut the square without damaging concrete pads. To remove the flooring from a section, you can use the prybar and hammer or the flooring chisel to cut the square.

Once you have that square removed, you’ll have access to the boards around it. You can then use a pry bar or a chisel to remove the boards.

The complete tutorial for how you can remove glued wood floors as well as how to remove concrete adhesive is available in this blog post.

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How to Remove Glued and Engineered Wood Flooring from Concrete

Concrete Glued Wood Flooring
0:30 How To Remove Wood Flooring With a Hammer and Pry Bar
1:00 How to Take Off Engineered Wood Flooring in One Piece
It takes 2:00
2:30 Do you need to rent a flooring scraper
2:50 How to Remove Parts of Flooring with A Chisel
3:23 Using an oscillating tool to remove flooring adhesive
3:50 Concrete Adhesive Stripper

Here are some tools to help you remove glue-down flooring
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