How To Remove Tattoos In Photoshop

How To Remove Tattoos In Photoshop

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The video below shows you how to remove tattoos using photoshop.


how to remove tattoos in photoshop


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How to Remove a Tattoo from Photoshop

“Does anyone think we have any bloopers ..?”?” You tell me, I don’t know! Learn how to remove a Tattoo in Photoshop while you are at it.

Basic Removal

We will use the Spot Healing Brush tool for this first step. This tool should be set to Normal Mode, and Type set to Content Aware. You should also check the Sample All Layers.

Paint a new layer over the tattoo. It’s that simple! This technique works best when you work in small sections. Sometimes, the tool may pull out areas that are not part of the skin. If this happens, don’t worry at all. You can simply paint it over again.

You will notice a difference in your skin’s texture and appearance after you spend some time using the tool. As explained in the episode, you might get the “toaster oven” effect. You can move on to the next step as long as you have removed all ink.

Paint the skin

Retouchers are also painters. It’s time to bring out those paint brushes.

This is an important step. We will be sampling your skin and covering any blotchiness left from step 1.

Use a soft, round brush to clean the brush tool. You will need to experiment with the size of your brush depending on how much skin you are covering.

You can paint by clicking on alt/opt to sample the color of your natural skin. You can then use your brush to pick up the desired color and paint over any imperfections. This will take some practice so that the body doesn’t look completely flat! Be aware that highlights, shadows, or midtowns all need to be considered and treated differently. Sometimes it’s just a tiny detail, but it can make a big difference. We will now bring each tone up the arm and onto the shoulder.

It is a slow and gentle process. You should set the flow of your toothbrush to very low. This is a good place for a start. Low flow will allow you to gradually increase the color of your skin. This makes it appear more natural.

Add skin texture

The skin will look too smooth and artificial once it has been painted. Step 3: Add skin texture to the image, so it looks normal.

Create a new layer by selecting the area that surrounds the body section you have been working on. Next, click Edit – Fill with 50% Gray. You can change the Blend Mode to Overlay from Normal. This is the base layer that will be used to create the texture.

Go to Filter – Noise – Add Noise. Change the settings according to what you like best. Uniform is what we choose.

Filter- Blur Gaussian Blur is a filter that enhances the texture. We only add a little blurred (about 1pixel).

Go to Filter – Stylize and Emboss. Here texture can transform from looking like noise to looking like real skin. You want it to look natural.

Finally, add a black layer mask to your current layer. Then, use the brush tool to paint with white where you’d like the skin texture to show up. You can use a low flow or opacity to build it up gently if you’d like.



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