How To Reupholster A Tufted Headboard

How To Reupholster A Tufted Headboard

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How to reupholster your tufted headboard with

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The video below shows you how to reupholster your tufted headboard.


how to reupholster a tufted headboard

Source: Abbotts At Home – DIY

DIY Upholstery is my favorite project. This one is easy for anyone. You don’t even have to sew on the headboard.
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to replace a headboard with buttons. It’s possible, it’s possible!

How to Reupholster A Headboard (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Staple Remover
Button Making Kit (Mine).
Button Making Kit for Thicker Fabrics
Long Upholstery Needles
Upholstery twine
Heavy Duty Staple gun (Mine).
***Use 3/8″ or 1/2″ Staples***
Electric Staple Gun (Easier in Hand)
Good Scissors

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Dust Cover Fabric
Blue Velvet Fabric By the Yard

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0:00 Redo a headboard with buttons
0:23 How To Remove Fabric from Your Back
1.05 Remove Old Headboard Fabric
2:01 Remove Old Buttons from the Headboard
3:38 How To Layout New Headboard Fabric
4:58 How To Reupholster a Headboard Using Staples
7:37 How To Staple Corners on a Headboard
9:57 Make Buttons Upholstered Headboard
10:50 How to Add Buttons
12:38 The Finished Headboard

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional. I am a DIYer who has 20+ years experience in DIY and home remodeling. Abbotts At Home does not assume responsibility for any injury or loss that may result from the ideas or information I share. One YouTube video will not tell you everything, or even warn you about all possible outcomes. To be ready to begin a project, you should do extensive research from many sources. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for tools. DIY AT YOUR OWN RISK

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