How To Wire Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

how to wire liftmaster garage door opener
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How do I wire my garage door opener?

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Source – LiftMaster Support

This video shows you how to connect your next-generation LiftMaster garage door opener to myQ App with myQ Diagnostics. This video will show you how to prepare, install, and connect to myQ App and myQ Diagnostics.

0:00 Installation and connection of next-generation LiftMaster garage doors openers
0:42 Preparing the site for installation
2:29 Assembling garage door opener
5:44 How to install the garage door opener
9:20 Key features
10:06 Installation of safety reversal sensor
13:01 Programming travel restrictions
14:29 Testing safety reversal systems
16:13 Check out the key points of installation
17:07 Installation of the battery
17:48 Connecting with myQ
18:08 Adding an opener to the myQ app
20:38 Adding camera to myQ app
22:00 Adding your digital dealer sticker
22:54 For more information, visit

This video is only intended to be used for demonstration purposes. These procedures should only be followed by certified, licensed service technicians and installers. Safety and security are your responsibility.

To locate a trained, professional installer or service technician go to

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