I Want To Be More Like Jesus

i want to be more like jesus
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i would like to be more like Jesus 

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Every day I strive to be more like Jesus (every hour, every day).
Every day I want to be more like Jesus (every step of it).
I want (just like Him) to be.
I would like to see Him.
I want to live (just as Him),
I want (just like Him) to give
Every day, I want to be more and more like Jesus.

He wants to be my guide in all that I do (I speak and do).
I want His heart (all day) to care for me.
I want (just like Him) to walk.
I want to speak (just like Him).
I want to weep (just like Him).
I want to be like Him, and I’m ready to die.
I want to be more, and more like Jesus every single day (everyday, every hour).

I long to walk in His love’s light (in His love’s sunlight).
I pray for Him to lead me with the light of heaven (heavenly light from higher).
To know the grace (just as He),
This old race is just like Him.
Sinners to learn (just like Jesus),
Gospel to preach (just Like Him)
You can see thousands of people being fed, just like Him.
Rake up the dead (just as He did)
I desire to be holy (just like Him),
I would like to be humble (just like Him).
Then, I will be kind (just as Him).
You can have a mind like Him,
Cast out devils (just like Him).
Trust Him and Never doubt.
Everyday, I strive for more and more of Jesus.

Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing I Want to Be More Like Jesus Every Day (feat. Old Friends Quartet [Live]. (P) (C), 2012 Spring House Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of any content is a violation applicable laws. Made by EMI Christian Music Group

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