Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Filter Location

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Filter Location

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kenmore elite refrigerator water filter location

Source – Fresh Water Systems

Follow these steps to replace your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator’s fresh air filter. Find out how to recognize signs your filter is failing and what to look for when replacing your water filter. This video can be used on many Kenmore Elite Models.

Our water filter experts recommend that you replace your filter with an NSF-Certified refrigerator water filter such as the Neo-Pure Compatible 9990 Filter. Look out for the NSF logo printed on packaging. The Kenmore 9990 filter was replaced by a Neo-Pure brand filter (Model NP–LT600P). This filter is a great replacement for the Kenmore 959.

Visit this site to find replacement filters

Visit this page to view the Kenmore 9990 Refrigerator filtration by Neo-Pure.

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