Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King Sountrack

lord of the rings return of the king sountrack
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Lord of the Rings Return of the King 

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[img src=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ji8PVL-6lUQ/hqdefault.jpg” link_to_img=”no”]

Source: SuiteSound Music

Soundtrack: The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (Complete Score).
Composer: Howard Shore

00:00 Introduction
00:00: The Road to Isengard
01:11 Return To Edoras
01:55 Flight from Edoras
03:04 The Lighting of the Beacons
04:57 Battle of the Pelennor Hills
08:25 Siege of Gondor
10:37 The Mûmakil
11:18 Shieldmaiden in Rohan
12:24 Osgiliath invaded
13:15 The Passing of Théoden
14:31 Last Debate
15:58 The Grace of Undómiel
18:46 Faramir’s Sacrifice
21:13 A Far Green Country
22:32 The Black Gate opens
26:22 for Frodo
29:23 The Crack of Doom
32:33 The Fellowship Together
40:49 The Journey towards the Grey Havens
44:44 Elanor

Disclaimer: This edited arrangement contains only a few tracks from the soundtrack. It is not intended to replace the complete album. This is a promotional and entertainment piece that is not intended to be monetized. It is not intended to infringe on copyright. All rights belong only to the respective owners.

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