Losing Weight After Menopause Success Stories

losing weight after menopause success stories
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Success stories about women who have lost weight after menopause 

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All! Many of you are struggling to lose weight after menopause. Today, I share my success story. Start the year by losing weight. It can be frustrating to try and yo-yo dieting without seeing any results. I’m not an expert, so talk to your doctor before you begin any new diet or exercise program. I’m sharing my success story about how I lost weight during menopause, and how I kept it off. It may seem impossible to stay fit after menopause. It’s possible, I swear. It’s important to find the right program to help you stay healthy past 50. My addiction to sugar was one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome. I was unable to stay fit due to my addiction to sugar, including chocolate and desserts. If you have an addiction to sugar, please let me know by commenting below. Share your success story if you have one. This is a video that consists of two parts. The next segment will be about staying fit after 50. I’ll also talk about how to exercise to stay healthy.

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