Pros And Cons Of Air Force Reserves

Pros And Cons Of Air Force Reserves

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The video below will show you how to watch, learn and understand the pros and cons associated with air force reserves.


pros and cons of air force reserves

Source: Jon Cruz – VETS to CEOS

🇺🇸Air Force Reserve: Pros and cons

You can watch my previous video about Active-Duty, Reserves and the Guard to see the differences.

00:20 What’s the difference between Active-Duty, Reserves, and Air National Guard?

00:50 What are the Air Force Reserves (AFR)?

1:48 What are some of the benefits of the Air Force Reserves

6:48 What cons does the Air Force Reserves have?

8:51 Which programs are Traditional Reserve, Individual Mobility Augmentee, Air reserve Technician and Personnel Individual Ready Reserve?

Why did I decide to move from Air Force Reserves to Air Force Active-Duty after 10 years service? Why am I completing the 10 years remaining in the Reserves, and not staying in Active-Duty? This video will explain the three major differences between Air Force Reserves (and Active-Duty). This video is primarily about the Air Force Reserves. I explain the benefits and drawbacks of the Reserves.

These four programs include the Traditional Reserve program, Individual Mobilization Augmentee program, Air Reserve technician program, and Personnel Individual Ready Reserve. In this video, I focus on the benefits of 100% tuition assistance, base support, low-cost Tricare insurance and the possibility to receive VA disability payments while in the Reserves. The following links will take you to the relevant websites.

✈️Air Force Reserves Recruiting Site

🎖Veteran’s Benefits Website

🇺🇸 Benefits website

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