Roller Coasters At Universal Studios Hollywood

roller coasters at universal studios hollywood
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Watch the video below to see and learn more about these roller coasters at Universal Studios Hollywood.


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Universal Studios rides in 2022: The Universal Hollywood guide! Universal Hollywood is smaller than the other parks, but it has a working film studio. The Universal theme park brings many characters & stories to life in dozens of rides & attractions! Universal Studios Hollywood is packed with rides for the whole family, from intense thrill rides & roller coasters to slower-moving dark dark & water rides. These are rides like Jurassic World, Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey, Transformers the Ride 3D, the Secret Life of Pets, Kung Fu Panda Adventure, the Studio Tour plus so much more! You want to find out which rides are the best? Let’s take a look at the 7 best Universal Studios Hollywood rides! Universal Hollywod 2022: Don’t Forget to Like and Subscribe!*** ► ◄

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Top 7 Most Popular Rides at Universal Studios 2022-Hollywood
Number 7- Studio Tour on the Universal Studios lot with Earthquake, King Kong 3D & Fast & the Furious Supercharged
Number 6: Dreamworks Theatre and Kung Fu Panda Adventure
Number 5 – Transformers the Ride 3D – Universal Studios Hollywood
Number 4- Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey- The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade
Number 3- Secret Life of Pets – Off the Leash
Number 2: The Mummy and the Ride
Number 1- Jurassic World the Ride, which replaced the Jurassic Park Ride

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