So You Think You Can Dance Top 7

so you think you can dance top 7
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Source: Ballusha Reality TV

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To be named the best, dancers must be skilled in every aspect of dancing, including ballet, salsa, hip-hop, and krumping. To be selected for Hollywood, dancers must impress judges with their choreography and routines. Producers traveled to Los Angeles and New York in search of dancers who embody America’s rhythm and soul. Some dancers amaze the judges while others make them speechless. Watch who makes the judges swoon and who falls flat on the series premiere. The 50 lucky dancers who make it through the auditions will be able to go to Hollywood to work alongside five top choreographers: Dan Karaty (Alex Da Silva), Brian Friedman (Brian Friedman), Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy and Dan Karaty. Semifinalists will be performing their best during the “Hollywood Week,” as they learn new routines and try to impress the choreographers.

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