The Design Of Everyday Things Audiobook

the design of everyday things audiobook
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Table of Contents
——————————————— – – – – – —
Introduction [ 00:00 ]
Preface to Revised Edition [ 00:20 ]

Chapter 1: The Psychopathology and Everyday Things [ 16:34 ]
Chapter 2 – The Psychology of Everyday Actions [ 1:24:41 ]
Chapter 3 – Knowledge in the Head and the World [ 2:42:25 ]
Chapter 4: Knowing what to do: Constraints and Discover-ability. Feedback [ 4:29:03 ]
Chapter 5 : Human Error? No, Bad Design [ 5:45:08 ]
Chapter 6 – Design Thinking [ 7:45:22 ]
Chapter 7 – Design in the World of Business [ 9:14:54 ]

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