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This pickup truck is the fastest in the world, even at a stop. It was originally built in the ‘90s by a man called Les Shockley and has been passed from him, to Hayden’s father to Hayden. Hayden gave the truck the name Hot Streak II when he acquired it. Hayden learned how to maintain the twin-engine jet truck from his own experience. He joined the airforce after graduating high school. It sure is a lot to take care of, this 1857 Chevrolet, has 15″ wheels up front and back and salt flat land speed tires rated for crazy speeds, there are front wheel spoilers, to stop the truck from taking off when it goes super fast and of course you can’t forget the parachute canisters, which fly out of the back catch air to slow the truck down abruptly. Hayden says: “It feels like it’s going to throw me through the windshield when the shoots hit.”

Producer: Ruby Coote, Bethan Kapur
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