Trailer Hitch For 2016 Honda Pilot

Trailer Hitch For 2016 Honda Pilot

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trailer hitch for 2016 honda pilot

Source: U-Haul Trailer Hitches And Towing

This video shows how to install a trailer hitch for Draw-Tite 75225 on an HONDA Pilot 2016. From a UHaul expert, learn how to install your receiver onto your HONDA-PILOT. The Draw-Tite 752225 installation is easy with a few tools and our step by step instructions.

Visit this site to purchase the trailer hitch and other accessories for your 2016 HONDA-PILOT.

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0:00 Intro

0:24 Tool Listing

0:30 Rake hitch into place

1:41 Installation hardware

3:37 Lower exhaust

4:34 Torque Bolts

5:33 Reinstall exhaust

5:47Hitch Details and Measurements

7:05 Outro

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