Turn A Room Into A Closet

turn a room into a closet
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turn a room into a closet 

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The video below shows you how to transform a room into an office.


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Source: With Stephie

All information is available! 🖤
Hey there! Today, I share a tour of the dressing room that I envisioned in my old house. It took us many years to make this walk-in closet from a spare bedroom. It was a great experience and I’m so thankful that we were able to turn this room into reality.

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Everyday makeup & hair routine:
You can see the progression since my first dressing room tour.
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Jennifer Nguyen Closet Tour
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For more photos and information about sourcing, visit my blog!
Part 1: The beginning of turning my spare bedroom into a dressing room!

Part 2 IKEA Billy Shoecase, Tops and Bottoms Hanging Space

Part 3: Dress hanging space, purse shelves & chandelier

Part 4: Finishing up the last wall using Container Store Elfa closet


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