Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 Full Episode Online

walking dead season 6 episode 8 full episode online
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walking dead season 6 episode 8 full episode online 

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Finale, 608 “Start to Finish” gets an ANALYSIS & breakdown. These Walking Dead recaps include Walking Dead Analysis and Walking Dead Eggs. This episode is titled “Start to Finish” and focuses on S06e08 (6×08). This episode shows the eagerly awaited scene in the Walking Dead comics. It features Jesse, Rick, Carl, Ron and the Axe… and Negan! It’s not Negan but we do get to meet Negan and his gang. Morgan and Carol also fight. Alexandria’s wall collapses, causing chaos in Alexandria. Deanna, the mayor gets bit. Ron and Carl have an excellent fight. Suprisingly, no! Carl being shot is still possible, though. Although it may not be Ron, the Wolf, or another wild shooter, I believe Carl will be shot. So that’s my guess. It could be, though, that it isn’t an eye for an eyes kind of thing but an accident. Yes, we also go to the answer to the question “Who says help on a walkie talkie?” Eugene was the one who answered. This little weirdo.

Don’t watch episode 9, because this episode (S06e09, Season 6, Episode 9) is going be like the second part of a two-parter. The Season 6b Season premiere, called “no exit”, will likely contain all the crazy stuff. Walking Dead Season 6b will be the most insane they have ever seen, especially after Season 6 Episode 9.


Executive Producer: Jeben Berg


6×07 – Heads up

6×06 – Always Accountable

6×05 – Buy Now

Host: Filup Mlina

* CREW *

Filup Molina, Creative Director
Production Supervisor: Ted Marsden

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