Water Heater Pilot Won T Light

water heater pilot won t light
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The water heater pilot won’t turn on 

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Watch the video below to see the contents, video and other information about this water heater pilot not lighting.


[img src=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Omzd9_oBiKc/hqdefault.jpg” link_to_img=”no”]

Source – Sergio Cordova

This video is being posted because you can find many YouTube videos that explain what to do when your pilot light stops turning on after ignition, but I could not find one on how to turn it on. I worked on it myself and found the solution. Do not do this at your own risk. You may endanger your pet, your couch or yourself. Anyone who watches this video is responsible for any damage or actions. I chose to do this to correct my situation. If you aren’t familiar with basic HVAC controls, I would not recommend these actions. I will have to admit the disclaimer.

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