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Source – Ava Yeganeh

Hello Friends!

Jen Sincero, a best-selling author and international success coach, has created You Are A Badass. She offers 27 short chapters filled with hilarious stories and simple exercises. I was blown away by this book. It is well worth the effort.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Who am I anyway?

My name’s Ava!

I’m looking for clarity, inner peace, and a way of living a better life in the new era. You can find videos on how to live purposefully, self-explore, language learning, and just about anything else I find amazing.

I’m excited to learn more and have as much fun as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard! 😍

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0:00 Introduction
0:00:28 Introduction Part 1: HOW YOU GOT THIS AWAY
0:12:11 Chapter 1: My Subconscious Made Me Do It
0:25.44 Chapter 2: “G” Word
Chapter 3: Present as an Pigeon
Chapter 4: Big Snooze
0:54.45 Chapter 5. Self-Perception is a Zoo PART 2: HOW to Embody Your Inner BADASS
0:59.12Chapter 6 – Love You Is💜🤗
1:15:55 Chapter 7, I Know You are But What am I?
Chapter 8: 1:26.13: What are you doing here?
1:40.08 Chapter 9, Loincloth Man, PART 3: HOW to Tap into the Mother Lode -Chapter 10 Meditation 101
1:53:26 Chapter 11: Your Brain Is your B!+CH
2:06:26 Chapter 12, Lead with Your Crotch
Chapter 13: Give & Let Give
2:22.42 Chapter 14. Gratitude, the Gateway Drug for Awesomeness
2:35.05 Chapter 15: Forgive and Fester
2:47:53 Chapter 16: Loosen Your Bone Wilma! PART 4: HOW CAN YOU GET OVER YOUR BS NOW
2:54:27 Chapter 17. It’s so easy once you figure it out.
3:15 :17 Chapter 18 – Procrastination & Perfection in the Polish Beer Garden
Chapter 19: The Drama of Overwhelm
3:39.25 Chapter 20: Fear Is For Suckers
3:55.35 Chapter 21: Millions of Mirrors
4:15:56 Chapter 22, The Sweet Life, Part 5: HOW TO KICK SOME @$$!
4:18.27 Chapter 23: The All-Powerful Decision
4:33.43 Chapter 24, Money Your New Best Friend
Chapter 25: Remember To Surrender
5:20:40 Chapter 26, Doing Versus Spying
5:39:13 Chapter 27: Beam Me Up Scotty You Are A Badass

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