Zone Not Working On Sprinkler System

Zone Not Working On Sprinkler System

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zone not working on sprinkler system

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I present a diagnostic algorithm to determine if a defective solenoid is causing failure to water a sprinkler system. This would work well if there is one sprinkler that doesn’t deliver sufficient water when activated by a controller but does fine when activated manually. This review will cover the basics of Irritrol and Hunter Pro-C controllers. However, it is applicable to most home irrigation systems. You can find the latest video, “Troubleshooting irrigation sprinkler vales”, on my YouTube channel.

I use “voltage drop testing” to locate high-dynamic resistance connections during repairs. It can be difficult to locate many of these connections using traditional static methods. My other video “How to fix an eroding sprinkler head” provides a detailed overview of the structure and functions of home irrigation systems.

These systems are powered by a 25 volt AC power supply, but there is always the possibility of a dangerous or harmful mishap. If your system is not shut down or left on accidentally, you should be aware of the possibility of water damage to your house. Be safe when working with electricity. Make sure you read all documentation that is available about your system.

This video has been published in good will for entertainment purposes and is not intended to be an exhaustive guide. I am not an irrigation consultant or professional electrician. It is your responsibility to avoid any mishaps that may arise from the repair of your sprinkler system.

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